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Indefinite Hiatus
by Heshan on 08 Jul 2018

Hi all,

Apologies for the lack of updates recently.

Due to other commitments, Table Top is being placed on an indefinite hiatus.

We hope to be able to release Table Top or other new games in future.

- Heshan

v0.05 Alpha Version Details (and all historic versions)
by Heshan on 15 Mar 2017

Today we've pushed out the latest Alpha to the Oculus testing programme so I thought it was about time to share the progress. This should help us to focus on the few remaining tasks (namely: adding levels and polishing up the look and feel of the game). Here are the Alpha release notes, plus the notes from previous versions (consider it an archive).

Oh, and I want to get some screenshots and videos out by the time the next build is released, so keep an eye out!

Version 0.05 (Alpha Build 5) - 15 March 2017
  • Added lighting shadows;
  • Added visual special effects;
  • Added more levels;
  • Adjusted ball spawn locations on some levels;
  • Added compatibility for levels to incorporate enemies;
  • Improvements to wording in tutorial;
  • Tutorial elements are unloaded from memory after game start;
  • Added splash screen;
  • Updated game Start screen;
  • Removed unnecessary Android permissions;
  • Added data analytics for loading times;
  • Modified loading screen to start loading game earlier;
  • Visual improvements to loading screen;
  • Various bug fixes.

Version 0.04 (Alpha Build 4) - 04 March 2017
  • Added achievements;
  • Added leaderboard for highest level reached;
  • Added more background music;
  • Added new skybox;
  • Added tutorial;
  • Added support for multiple languages to tutorial;
  • Added data events;
  • Added loading bar to setup scene.

Version 0.03 (Alpha Build 3) - 03 March 2017
  • Added music manager;
  • Added menu system;
  • Added save/load functionality;
  • Various bug fixes.

Version 0.02 (Alpha Build 2) - 27 February 2017
  • Fixed entitlement checks;
  • Added game level.

Version 0.01 (Alpha Build 1) - 26 February 2017
  • Initial Alpha release.

New Website!
by Heshan on 15 Mar 2017

We've just launched our new website and hope you like it! Watch this space for the latest news and events in the world of Table Top.

We have a lot of plans for this community and hope to bring you regular status updates in the next few days with our progress through development towards launch. We'll be looking for beta testers too - and of course we'll let you know how to sign up when the time comes.

You may find a few empty pages while we add content but stay tuned and we'll bring you the good stuff :)

The current status is that we have a fully functional and working game in something that probably resembles an Alpha or early Beta phase. The main goals right now are to add levels and additional content, upgrade the website and add the necessary additional legal bits. There's probably a bit of polishing to do too. I'll keep you posted!

- Heshan

Welcome to the Table Top Forum!
by Heshan on 06 Mar 2017

Hello and welcome to our new forum!

We have a lot planned for this forum so please bear with us while we work through the setup tasks. We will of course have this completed before Table Top is released!

Please note that the main forums are closed while we complete this process (although you can reply to existing threads).

In the meantime, keep an eye on this space for the latest news and information about the game.

We hope you're as excited as we are! :)

- Heshan